European leaders in video- and audio-based assistive technologies to meet at the University of Alicante

The joint conference of the European projects visuAAL and GoodBrother will take place from 18 to 20 June at the University of Alicante, which will bring together more than fifty experts, researchers, and professionals to address the latest developments and future challenges in the field of assistive technologies (AAL).

This event will take place at the University of Alicante and aims to provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration in a highly specialised environment.

The programme includes keynote lectures and presentations in which leading European academics will share the latest advances in video and audio-based assistive technologies (AAL) on current issues, emerging trends, and ethical considerations in the development of assistive technologies, from intelligent sensing systems to machine learning algorithms.  Click here for the full programme

The first of these three days will be dedicated to disseminating the research developed in the visuAAL project, while the remaining two days will be reserved for the exchange of experiences between members of the GoodBrother COST Action.

In addition to promoting networking among participants, the meeting will offer attendees a fantastic opportunity to get to know the city at one of its most special times, in the middle of the Fogueres of San Juan.

visuAAL is a European Innovative Training Network (ITN), funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme, bringing together five universities and fourteen partner organisations from Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In this project, more than twenty researchers have dedicated their efforts to close the knowledge gap on the appropriate and safe use of video-based AAL technologies to address the needs of older adults who want to actively manage their health and well-being.   This has involved increasing awareness and understanding of the context-specific ethical, legal, privacy, privacy and social issues required to implement a visual system in hospital, home and community settings in a way that protects and reassures users.

GoodBrother is a european network on privacy-friendly audio- and video-based applications for active and assisted living, funded by the COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology, open to new members who wish to actively participate and help implement specific tasks and objectives of the network's own actions. Its about 250 participants from more than 50 countries are organised into 4 working groups that study from the more technical aspects to the social responsibility and user approach.