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Alexander Hick
Research project
"Acceptance of artificial intelligence in health-related contexts"
About the project

The project focusses on the support of people who suffer from chronic diseases and their medical staff by means of intelligent technology. It will investigate the required as well as desired functions of these solutions depending on the respective context and user group. In addition, it will examine the perceived benefits and barriers, including usage conditions for these intelligent technologies in a broad range of healthcare settings. The goal is to develop an acceptance cartography of intelligent technology to provide the healthcare industry with knowledge about the benefits, in addition to a critical analysis about the potential risks regarding privacy, dignity, and control. 

About the ESR

Alexander received his MSc in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh in 2021. In his thesis he investigated perception regarding conscious and unconscious features of phenomenal consciousness. He holds a BSc in cognitive neuropsychology from Tilburg University. 

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Alexander Hick

Chair of Communication Science

Institute of Language and communication studies
Human-Computer Interaction Center
RWTH Aachen University
Campus Boulevard 57
52074 Aachen, Germany

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