Academic training

Training School “Responsible research and innovation”

September 2021 - University of Alicante, Spain

  • Introduction to responsible research and innovation
  • Introduction to computer vision/video-based monitoring
  • Introduction to assistive technologies and AAL
  • Ethical aspects of monitoring technologies/AAL
  • Legal aspects of monitoring technologies/AAL
  • Gender aspects of monitoring technologies/AAL
  • Users’ acceptance of monitoring technologies/AAL

Training School “Video-based AAL applications”

December 2021 - TU Wien, Austria

  • Fundamentals of computer vision
  • Fundamentals of machine learning
  • Image sequence analysis and 3D vision
  • Computer vision applied to AAL
  • Internet of Things / interoperability
  • Future trends

Training School “Innovation in health and integrated care”

June 2022 - Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

  • Digital health
  • Proactive integrated care
  • Patient empowerment and self-management of health
  • Use of cameras for delivery of care
  • Learning from the best in Europe and beyond