D1.6. Active Assisted Living – legal tectonic plates. White paper on the legal framework for video-based assisted technologies

This whitepaper aims to explore and present the current legal framework of AAL technologies in a systematic manner.  It does so by mapping out legal issues in multiple relevant legal domains, including: (1) general product safety regulations (2) medical device regulation; (3) data protection; (4) cybersecurity; (5) competition law; (6) consumer protection; (7) contract law; (8) criminal law.  Gaps, uncertainties, and contradictions in these legal domains are highlighted and discussed in the context of AAL technologies.

D1.6 White paper on the legal requirements for AAL - v1.0.pdf

D4.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan

This document outlines the Dissemination and Communication Plan for VisuAAL, defining the implementation and evaluation measures that will be employed to effectively communicate about project objectives and activities, to disseminate project outputs, and to ensure the best exploitation of its results. It will further serve as a reference manual for the project, and supported partners in implementing the project dissemination and communication strategies as outlined in this document.

This deliverable should be referred to in conjunction with D4.2 Websites and profiles in social networks (M2); D4.3 Corporate image (M2); D4.4 Programme booklet and presentations (M3); D4.5 Leaflets presenting individual research projects (M9); D5.1 Feedback questionnaires (M9) and D6.1 Advertising of ESR positions (M3-M8).


D4.1 VisuAAL Dissemination and Communication Plan V1.0.pdf

D4.2. Website and profiles in social networks

This document outlines the functional requirements and the IT infrastructure required to develop the visuAAL website. This website has been designed using the visual guidelines (logo, images, colours) presented in Deliverable D4.3. Corporate image. Different menu options have been initially included. These options may vary during the project as some of them will be hidden/activated as needed.

The visuAAL project has registered the domain name as the main URL for the website.

Additionally, profiles for the visuAAL project have been created in several social networks to enhance visibility and to interact with the users:

D4.2. Website and profiles in social networks.pdf

D4.3. Corporate image

This document presents the logotype and other corporate image of the visuAAL project in order to be used in the website, reports, presentation, brochures, and any other dissemination and communication outcome related to the project. This corporate image should create an easy identifiable image of the project among the research community and other stakeholders.

D4.3 Corporate image_0.pdf

D4.4. Programme booklet and presentations

This document presents:

  1. A brochure introducing general information about the visuAAL project; and
  2. A presentation to be employed to introduce the visuAAL project.

D4.4. Programme booklet and presentations.pdf

D4.5. Leaflets presenting individual research projects

Leaflets presenting each ESR, including summaries of the objectives of each individual research project in addition to the overall goals of the visuAAL ITN. 

D4.5 Leaflets presenting individual research projects.pdf

D6.3. Advertising of ESR positions

One of the main activities of the visuAAL Consortium during the first stages of the project is to proceed with the advertising of the available ESR positions. The goal is to recruit a group of highly motivated candidates with excellent curriculum.

D6.3 Advertising of ESR positions.pdf