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Maksymilian Kuźmicz
Research project
"Video-based AAL technologies and balancing of interests"
About the project

An aspect that is necessary to take into account, when introducing new technologies into society, is that there are bound to be multiple interests at stake, which potentially come into conflict with each other, particularly from a legal perspective. For example, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an individual is able to gain access to the logic behind automated decisions that affect him or her, yet only to the extent that it does not interfere with any intellectual property rights to that technology (see Article 22 and Recital 63 GDPR). Another illustration concerns AAL technologies that have the potential to erode an individual’s privacy rights while at the same time bring great benefits to society in terms of the reduction of treatment costs. In short, this thesis will examine how the law should balance interests within the context of Video-based AAL technologies.

Start date: May 2021

Scientific publications

Balance of interest and AAL

Maksymilian Kuźmicz

ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency 2022

About the ESR

Maksymilian obtained a BA in Law and Philosophy (Summa cum laude) from the College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences at the KU Lublin. During both his BA and MA, he spent in total 3 semesters at KU Leuven as an exchange student. He completed his education with an MA in Law from KU Lublin (Summa cum laude). Since September 2020 Maksymilian has been working at the Institute for European Law at KU Leuven.

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Maksymilian Kuźmicz

The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI)

Department of Law
Stockholm University
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