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Caterina Maidhof
Research project
“Perceptions of personal privacy in different users regarding health monitoring technologies”
About the project

This project seeks to identify differently perceived dimensions and degrees of personal privacy by potential users of a broad range of health monitoring technologies (e.g., video-based, audio-based, sensor-based). Perceptions of privacy are analysed technology-specifically, while as well considering user group-specific needs and requirements in diverse contexts. Potential users of such technology can be of the entire lifespan; however, this project mainly targets older and frail persons, who have experiences with chronic illnesses and care. The here resulting graduations of privacy can be elaborated and then appropriately concerned by respective stakeholders.

About the ESR

Caterina received a MSc in Applied Cognitive Psychology from Utrecht University in 2020. In her Master Thesis she investigated the potential of personal speech alerts for automotive settings. She holds a BSc in Communication from the University of Southern Switzerland (2018). 

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Caterina Maidhof
Chair of Communication Science

Institute of Language and communication studies
Human-Computer Interaction Center
RWTH Aachen University 
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