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Irene Ballester Campos
Research project
"AI for dementia care"
About the project

Although the progress and severity of dementia varies depending on the underlying cause (e.g. Alzheimer´s disease) there are common symptoms between the manifestations. These symptoms include personality changes, which manifests itself in becoming subdued or withdrawn. By using machine learning in long-term emotional analysis, it should be possible to recognize patterns and thus determine personality changes. In order to assign the person´s mood correctly, it is necessary that the algorithms treat the emotions context aware. This means that the current situation and environment of the person is detected (e.g. by sensors or smartphone) which allows to determine whether certain emotions are only felt in company or alone.

Some outcomes will be the development of new therapeutic intervention strategy, behaviour analysis based on 3D and 2D tracking data in order to detect changes in the health status, context aware recommendation for (music and dance) movements based on emotions and movement analysis, and empowerment of older people to increase the therapy effectiveness.

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About the ESR

Irene holds a BSc degree in Industrial Technology Engineering (2017) and an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering (2020), both from the University of Zaragoza, Spain. During the academic year 2019-2020, she was a Working Master Student at DLR in Munich where she wrote her Master’s thesis on Dynamic SLAM systems.

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Irene Ballester Campos

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