ESR10 - Wiktor Mucha

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Wiktor Mucha
Research project
"Behaviour modelling and life logging"
About the project

Lifelogging is a recent ICT technology that uses wearable sensors (e.g. cameras, trackers, wearable sensors) to capture, store, process and retrieve the different situations, states and context of an individual in daily life. Using a wearable camera that automatically takes 3 images per minute provides about 2000 pictures at the end of each day that can illustrate in detail which activities the person wearing the camera has done - e.g. how (s)he eats, what places (s)he visited, with whom (s)he interacted, what events (s)he attended, etc. In this way, the topic of this thesis is lifelogging in order to create personalized tools and services to monitor, store and process the behavioural skills, nutrition patterns, social environment, context and proper physical activities during long periods in an objective way.

About the ESR

Wiktor received BSc title in 2018 in Automatic Control and Robotics and MSc title in Robotics in the end of 2019, both at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. During his masters he spent one year at the University of Aveiro in Portugal as an exchange student.

Before position in visuAAL he gained experience in software engineering, working for automotive industry on autonomous embedded solutions for car driving.

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Wiktor Mucha

Vienna University of Technology

Computer Vision Lab
Favoritenstr. 9/193-1
A-1040 Vienna, Austria

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