visuAAL Careers Day: Professional prospects beyond academia at Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin will host the next visuAAL Careers Day on 16 February 2024. This exclusive event is designed to cater for researchers from the visuAAL project, offering them a nuanced exploration of career opportunities beyond the confines of traditional academia, particularly in the fields of digital health, informatics and interdisciplinary research.

The one-day programme features a line-up of prestigious speakers and subject matter experts who will share their in-depth knowledge and experiences, illuminating the diverse pathways available to individuals seeking to transcend the boundaries of conventional academic pursuits. From transitioning from academia to industry to creating successful careers within academia, visuAAL Careers Day strives to provide a comprehensive understanding of the multiple pathways that await researchers in their immediate future associated with the world of research.

Through presentations, engaging workshops and thought-provoking discussions, VisuAAL Career Day aims to equip participants with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the complexities of the modern research landscape.

During the day, attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with leading figures in their respective fields of expertise, gain practical advice and network with colleagues who share their commitment to research and intellectual excellence.