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Kentaro Tanaka
Research project
Healthcare providers’ perspective on the use of visual technologies in telemedicine.
About the project

Telemedicine is commonly understood as the provision of healthcare services facilitated by information and communication technologies to overcome geographical barriers. This definition, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2022), emphasizes the use of technology for various healthcare purposes including diagnosis, treatment, prevention, research, and education, with the overarching goal of improving both individual and community health. This innovative way of implementing digital technologies into healthcare is considered to have the potential to improve healthcare outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and access to health care, but also on Quality of Life (QoL) for the elderly and their caregivers by promoting Active-Assisted Living (AAL) systems and services.

However, within video-based technologies alone, there is a wide variety of technologies with new applications being constantly developed and applied in diverse settings for various needs.  Therefore, to accurately assess the acceptability of video-based AAL applications, we must focus on specific technologies and their target users, considering both their needs and real-world applicability. The aim of this project will be to analyze and synthesize current research about end-users' perceptions of video-based AAL technologies to identify knowledge gaps in view of informing future research.

About the ESR

Ken holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation from UCLouvain (Belgium). He pursued his training with a Master’s in Motor Skills Science with a specialization in Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapy, followed by a PGCert and continuous education to meet IFOMPT standards. Before joining visuAAL, he worked as a clinician in an international setting, while actively contributing to academic teaching and CPD courses.

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Kentaro TANAKA

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity Centre for Practice & Healthcare Innovation (TCPHI)
School of Nursing and Midwifery
24 D’Olier Street
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