visuAAL aims to offset the “Big Brother” perception towards the use of visual systems by increasing the understanding of user acceptance towards new visual based technologies and services. Scientific and technical innovations emanating from visuAAL will seek to have significant impacts on the health and wellbeing of older adults, their families and other stakeholders by allowing  older adults to remain independently at home supported within their communities. The outcome of this will be to improve market reach for future visual support health systems.

The main objectives are:

  • To support a multidisciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-societal, gender-based analysis of user acceptance of video-based AAL technologies and services;
  • To analyse the ethical, legal, data protection, societal and behavioural issues for developing and implementing effective solutions; and
  • To develop algorithms, systems and infrastructure for privacy-aware AAL solutions.

Consequently, the research programme is organised in three work packages (WPs), where individual projects are integrated: