WP3. Video-based AAL applications

AAL monitoring systems are composed of networks of sensors, processing elements, and actuators that analyse the environment and its occupants to extract knowledge and to detect events, such as anomalous behaviours, launch alarms to tele-care centres, or support activities of daily living. Many of these systems use sensors, worn by the users or embedded in their environment. Among environmental sensors, video-based devices (cameras located in the environment or in mobile phones, wearable cameras, depth/3D sensors, thermal cameras) may offer intelligent solutions for AAL as visual information is the most straightforward and natural way of analysing a scene. Therefore, this WP will investigate the use of video-based devices for a variety of highly-relevant healthcare and AAL applications.

Research projects

Research Project 7 - Use of camera systems to support home based multiple chronic disease (multimorbidity) self-management

Research Project 8 - Application of behavioural change theory to the design, development and implementation of camera systems to support home-based multiple chronic disease (multimorbidity) self-management

Research Project 9 - Personalisation of self-management education/training for individuals with multiple chronic health conditions (multimorbidity) using visual based data

Research Project 10 - Behaviour modelling and life logging

Research Project 11 - Algorithmic fairness in AI for active assisted living

Research Project 12 - AI for dementia care