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Zhicheng He
Research project
"Video-based AAL technologies and colliding legal frameworks"
About the project

While the emergence of AAL technologies within the context of healthcare present incredible opportunities to improve the life quality of the frail and sick, these technologies pose significant legal issues. These technologies require coherent legal regulation in order to ensure, among other things, the safety of the device and the privacy of the individual using it. Taking a global perspective, this project will explore the current legal framework governing video-based AAL technologies and involve an in-depth interpretation and systematization of the positive law related to this emerging field. While the bulk of the work will involve a deep dependence on traditional legal sources, reliance on materials gathered in the domain of computer science and a translation of these materials into a legal context will be necessary.

About the ESR

Zhicheng is interested in exploring the interaction between law and information technology. He completed his Master of Laws in International Business Law (LL.M.) at Ghent University (Belgium) where he dedicated his thesis to personal data protection. He holds another Master of Laws degree and a Bachelor of Laws degree, both from Southwest University of Political Science and Law (China). Before his position in visuAAL, Zhicheng worked as an in-house legal counsel and gained practical experience in the ICT sector.

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Zhicheng He

The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI)

Department of Law
Stockholm University
Universitetsvägen 10C
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

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