ESR9 - Hassan Zaal

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Hassan Zaal
Research project
“Self-management/education/training for individuals with multiple chronic health conditions using visual based data on a mobile robot”
About the project

The aim of this PhD is to explore machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) approaches interaction with visually guided Personal Assistant Robots (PARs) as a part of Active and Assisted Living (AAL) environment. Research will involve defining user and behaviour models to facilitate appropriate AI approaches to interaction that support self-management,  educational and training that are delivered visually and via audio on a PAR. The user will be able to interact with the PAR through spoken language. The PARs will use Vision-and-Language Navigation (VLN) approaches to parse the user’s instructions and execute them in the AAL environment. The PhD will also address data protection, ethical and privacy concerns in relation to the use of AI and visual data in an AAL context.

About the ESR

Hassan holds a Postgraduate diploma in Vision and Robotics (VIBOT) from Heriot-Watt University in the UK. He spent a semester at Bourgogne University in France and a semester at Girona University in Spain, as an Erasmus student. He received a BSc in Computer and Automation Engineering specializing in Control and Automation Engineering from Damascus University in Syria.

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Hassan Zaal

ADAPT Centre
O'Reilly Institute
Trinity College,
Dublin 2, Ireland 

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