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Sophie Noiret
Research project
"Algorithmic governance for active assisted living"
About the project

Algorithmic decision making became enmeshed into daily life. In active assisted living data is analysed and interpreted with the intention to support people in various ways: recognizing behaviour, events, emotions, needs; creating ambient intelligence; predicting activities and proposing treatment strategies. Machine learning as prerequisite of intelligence is applied. Taking into account recent success, it can be claimed, that not only a set of specific algorithms but also a lot of example data is needed to run the learning methods. And usually those building the algorithms are not trained in law or the social sciences, while experts in discrimination law do not know how to audit modern machine learning algorithms. Further complicating matters is that even experts in computer science and mathematics often struggle with interpreting the output of many modern machine learning algorithms. Unsurprisingly assessing and guaranteeing fairness and transparency in machine learning is a wide open research and that is the topic of the PhD proposal.

About the ESR

Sophie received her Master's Degree in Engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) in 2018, with a specialty in Robotics and Embedded Systems. She has since worked in the aeronautics industry, developing software for the Rafale plane.

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Sophie Noiret

Vienna University of Technology

Computer Vision Lab
Favoritenstr. 9/193-1
A-1040 Vienna, Austria

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