D4.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan

This document outlines the Dissemination and Communication Plan for VisuAAL, defining the implementation and evaluation measures that will be employed to effectively communicate about project objectives and activities, to disseminate project outputs, and to ensure the best exploitation of its results. It will further serve as a reference manual for the project, and supported partners in implementing the project dissemination and communication strategies as outlined in this document.

This deliverable should be referred to in conjunction with D4.2 Websites and profiles in social networks (M2); D4.3 Corporate image (M2); D4.4 Programme booklet and presentations (M3); D4.5 Leaflets presenting individual research projects (M9); D5.1 Feedback questionnaires (M9) and D6.1 Advertising of ESR positions (M3-M8).


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