Second Doctoral Seminar in Stockholm

Participants in the doctoral seminar

Stockholm University was the venue for the second visuAAL Doctoral Seminar last April, where researchers from various fields gathered to present their ongoing projects and share their progress with each other. On 20-21 April, this important event gave participants the opportunity to discuss their research and receive feedback from colleagues and experts in the field.

During the seminar, each researcher gave a detailed presentation on the progress of their PhD project. The presentations covered a wide range of topics, focusing on the use of video surveillance cameras to improve the active and assisted living of older people. The privacy of these devices is studied from a technological, ethical, legal and user perception perspective were considered in each of the research presented.

The three-day meeting was praised by the coordinators and heads of the research lines, who expressed their satisfaction with the progress made by the researchers. In addition, the event provided an excellent opportunity for participants to share experiences, establish connections in mutual learning and discuss ideas, thus paving the way for new research initiatives.

It is worth noting that the visuAAL Doctoral Seminar is a highlight event in the framework of the European Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) project. This project represents an important milestone in the development of innovative and pioneering research carried out by participating academics. To consult the results and progress achieved so far, we invite you to visit the publications page.

In summary, the second visuAAL Doctoral Seminar, held at Stockholm University, was a resounding success. Researchers demonstrated progress in their doctoral projects and an environment to knowledge exchange and collaboration between experts was created. This event has reaffirmed the academic community's commitment to cutting-edge research in the field of visual technologies to improve the quality of life of older people.