Showing the future of visual privacy at the European Researchers' Night

Participants at the booth

As technology continues to advance rapidly, concerns about personal privacy in private spaces are on the rise. In an increasingly interconnected and monitored world, the question of how to safeguard our privacy becomes more pertinent than ever. These pressing issues have taken center stage at the "1984-2023: Ethical monitoring of people in private spaces" activity, as part of the flagship event of the European Researcher's Night 2023, organised at the University of Alicante on September 29, 2023.

This interactive activity has offered a unique opportunity to delve into the future of visual privacy and engage in interactive activities aimed at understanding how you can protect your privacy in an increasingly digitized and surveilled world. If you had ever pondered the question of safeguarding your privacy in a world dominated by ubiquitous cameras, you have discovered answers and had an enjoyable experience.

The "1984-2023" workshop was held at two distinct times offered to different audiences:

  1. 11:00-14:00: Secondary schools - This session has been tailored for secondary students, featuring interactive activities. Participants have explored how their digital rights can be preserved and gain insights into the technologies shaping the future.

  2. 17:30-00:00: Open to the General Public - In the afternoon and extending into the evening, the event has opened its doors to the general public, particularly families with children. Everyone has been invited to explore the latest innovations in visual privacy preservation.

The visuAAL team has led the following activities:

  • Privacy Visualisation: A screen with a camera has displayed various visualizations designed to protect privacy. Attendees have been able to experience how to regain control over their image in our hyper-connected world.

  • Surveys and Feedback: Attendees were encouraged to share their opinions on the use of these privacy-preserving systems. Forms were provided to collect preferences and conditions under which users would be willing to embrace visual privacy technologies.

  • Demonstration Videos: These videos have demonstrated individuals safeguarding their visual privacy in various scenarios, illustrating how these technologies can maintain privacy in everyday situations.